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PSP Property Group provides specialist property management services throughout Victoria which focus on prioritising our clients needs. We work together with our landlords in order to facilitate a seamless process with a view of achieving our clients desired property investment goals. Our focus is to make an investment grow. Together, with a team of dedicated and highly talented negotiators and managerial professional’s, the PSP property management team have now established themselves as a highly efficient & effective property unit.


I have been with PSP property for last 2 years, it’s been a pleasure dealing with them. They are taking good care of my property & I trust them very much in relation to any maintenance and care of the property. It’s been easy for me because I live in Sydney and I don’t have to be there for any issue.

I wish PSP property all the very best.


I am very pleased the way PSP Property Group manage my property as we know communication is vital.

Florante Pangan

I would like to say a big thank you to PSP Property Management for managing my property the way she has. The kind of professionalism she shows in responding to phone calls, inspections etc is exceptional.

On many occasions she was the one who first contacted me for the routine inspections or for a discussion on rental appraisals. Even though i live far away from my investment property, it never felt hard managing it.

Once again a big thanks to the PSP Property Group team.


Gurveen from PSP Property Group is one of the best property manger’s we have dealt with. Very responsive to all matters regarding our rental property and attention to detail is great. The inspection report is very professional with lots of images and details. We live more than 50km away from our rental property yet we don’t experience any problems with PSP Property managing our investment.


Your Higher Level of Service

  1. Our professional leasing and planning property management teams work diligently to source the ideal tenants for your property
  2. Genuine dedicated care, focused on your investment, ensuring regular rent reviews and routine inspections are periodically conducted
  3. Consistently low occupancy rates providing peace-of-mind investment security
  4. PSP Property designated teams will manage all of your property maintenance, invoices and direct deposits to our investor accounts
  5. Our professional property managers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in tenancy legislation, caring for your investment and representing your interests is our prime focus
  6. Regular communication to provide transparency and keeping you up to date with property market
  7. Regular communication providing absolute transparency and keeping you up to date with property rental and market nuances


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Tenancy Forms & Guidelines

Rental Payments & Bond

It is your legal responsibility to pay your rent, to the Landlord in advance. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before the due date.

PSP Property Management will not physically collect your rent. Rent must be paid by the method stated on your tenancy agreement. If you have any problems with your rent payments please notify your Property Manager at the earliest possible time. If you fall into arrears, we will be obligated to follow the procedures outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act to collect the rent on behalf of the landlord.

The rental bond is requested as financial protection should there be a breach in the tenancy agreement. Your rental bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority. The bond is held as security against any property damage, undue wear and tear or in the event there is money owing at the end of tenancy. Once it is established that all conditions of the tenancy have been met, the bond will be refunded promptly. The amount of bond payable is specified in the tenancy agreement.


Only the people (and the number of people) included on your tenancy agreement are permitted to reside at the property on a permanent basis. Should a tenant wish to move in or out you are required to notify us in writing immediately. Please note, a new tenant will need to be approved through the application process prior to moving in

Pre-inspection and Routine Inspections

A property condition report is used to determine the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy. It also ensures that you are not held responsible for damage at the expiry of your tenancy which may have been there prior to your occupation. You are required to make comment and additional notes, sign and return the document to our office. The document will be filed with your Tenancy Agreement and used as evidence of the property condition at the commencement of the tenancy.

Routine Inspections will be made at regular intervals. The primary role of these inspections is to advise the owner of the condition and care of their property and what, if any, maintenance is required. This is an opportunity for you to point out any maintenance required at the property. Photos may be taken by the Property Manager during the inspection.

Ending the Tenancy

Contact your Property Manager to discuss your legal requirements with regards to ending your tenancy as written notice periods will be required. The amount of notice required varies from State to State. Once the Property Manager has received/issued your ‘Notice of Intention to Leave/Notice to Leave’, they will contact you and advise requirements for handing over vacant possession. Once vacant possession is established (that is, all keys have been returned) a bond/final inspection can be completed.

Please note: a Property Manager cannot complete a bond/final Inspection until vacant possession has been established and rent may be payable until all keys are returned. The bond will only be returned once it has been established that all rent is paid as required, the property has been returned in its original condition as per the entry condition report (excluding fair wear and tear) and all applicable invoices have been paid. Some offices may complete a pre-final inspection, however this is not a requirement in all States.

Breaking the Lease

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and as such process needs to be followed to break any tenancy agreement. In the first instance, please contact your Property Manager to inform them of your intention. They will forward you a ‘break lease form’ and details of your obligations. Please note, the office cannot begin to advertise your property for rent until the ‘break lease’ form has been executed and returned. In accordance with the relevant Residential Tenancy Act, you will be required to pay all costs incurred as outlined in your break lease form.

Your obligations are as follows:

  • You are required to pay rent and maintain the condition of the property including gardens until such time as a suitable replacement tenant is located, approved and in the property.
  • Standard tenant selection procedures apply to all applicants.
  • You will be responsible for a break of lease fee and a portion of advertising costs in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Tribunal Guidelines.

Renting a home: a guide for tenants

This is a guide to help understanding your Rights and Responsibilities, Renting a home: A guide for tenants is the summary approved by the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria of the rights and duties of a landlord and tenant under a tenancy agreement. Under section 66 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act) landlords and agents must give the tenant this guide on or before the day they move in.


Useful Downloads

Landlord Information (.pdf) Tenant Maintenance Form (.pdf) Renting a home - a guide for tenants (.pdf)


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Tenant Feedback Survey

Tenant Feedback Survey