Maximise the potential of your investment

PSP Property Group provides specialist property management services throughoutVictoria which focus on prioriting our clients needs. We work together with our landlords in order to facilitate a seamless process with a view of achieving our clients desired property investment goals. Our focus is to make an investment grow. Together, with a team of dedicated and highly talented negotiators and managerial professional’s, the PSP property management team have now established themselves as a highly efficient & effective property unit.

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Your Higher Level of Service

  1. Our professional leasing and planning property management teams work diligently to source the ideal tenants for your property
  2. Genuine dedicated care, focused on your investment, ensuring regular rent reviews and routine inspections are periodically conducted
  3. Consistently low occupancy rates providing peace-of-mind investment security
  4. PSP Property designated teams will manage all of your property maintenance, invoices and direct deposits to our investor accounts
  5. Our professional property managers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in tenancy legislation, caring for your investment and representing your interests is our prime focus
  6. Regular communication to provide transparency and keeping you up to date with property market
  7. Regular communication providing absolute transparency and keeping you up to date with property rental and market nuances