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Making conscious property decisions requires a great deal of market and database intelligence. Our in-house research and development team enable our valued clients to proceed with the utmost confidence.

Our research across the Victorian market enables PSP Property Group to stay one step ahead when it comes to advising our clients on acquisitions and taking development sites to market. We provide in-depth analysis on future supply of development sites, market trends, builder products, pricing and buyer demographics, to ensure our clients are equipped to make the most informed decision on the development of their site.

Market Research and Experience

Defining the commerciality of a proposed development and determining how best to interpret land in the right context, or repurposing real estate is only part of what we do best. Beyond the identification and acquisition of generic sites or adjoining landowner sites, PSP also have the proven resources in the consolidation, amalgamation and planning of residential, industrial and commercial development sites throughout the state of Victoria.

At PSP we promise to deliver outstanding results, focus on mitigating risk, optimising return on investment, whilst ensuring a seamless & streamlined project process.

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